…And Yet


Premiere: August 25th, 1995 – Artspace, Sydney
Choreographer and director: Russell Dumas
Assistant to the director: Jennifer Way Rawe
Performers: Josephine McKendry, Nick Sabel, Ros Warby, Chris Welsh, Reyes de Lara, Judy Haines, Danielle von der Borch, Sally Gardner, Katherine Hussain, Keith March, Trevor Patrick, Deanne Butterworth, Chelsea McGuffin, Janet Lee, Jillian Page, Colin Sneesby, Cath Stewart, Kerry Woodward
Sound: Paul Healy
Lighting: Margie Medlin
Video: Scott Inglis
Project coordinator: Alessio Cavallaro
Book Designer: Richard Nies

—-and yet Interdisciplinary collaborations that involved more than forty participating artists, including twenty film directors creating interventions with ABCDEFG, which was a series of editing studies I realised with editor Reva Childs. This research incorporated two performance seasons (“a tree from any direction” at The Performance Space and “one leg from certain angles” at Arts Space, Woolloomooloo as well as the production and publication of a small book with photography by Leslie Solar, contributing writers include Dr Paul McGillick, Dr Elizabeth Dempster and Professor Alphonso Lingis. Collaborators in the production of these short films include: Ion Pearce (composer), Susan Norrie (artist), Gay Bilson (chef), Sabina Achilies (author/academic), Laleen Jayaman (acadedic/film maker), Helen Grace (artist/academic), Meaghan Morris (author/academic), Joan Brassil (artist), Ewan McDonald (arts curator), Debbie Lee (commissioning drama director), Paul Healey (composer).
Initial Black and White filming Sponsored by Australian Film Commission, SBS and Australia Council in 1994